Art is my motivator

I've been painting and sketching since my early twenties when I was working as a researcher at the Mitchell library, part of the State Library of NSW. Painting gives me a lot of pleasure. I enjoy the process of creating images, reflecting on my surroundings and adding my own interpretation to them in my art. I found an inspiring teacher in John Ogburn and for many years, while working at the library, I attended his teaching studio in the Rocks district of inner Sydney. As part of this journey I participated in many exhibitions at the Harrington Street Gallery which was associated with Ogburn's studio.

When I took early retirement from the Mitchell Library in 1995 I continued to develop my art at my home in Glebe whilst also exhibiting at community art shows in inner Sydney. During this time I met my husband, Andrew, who was working with me to digitise a seemingly huge amount of my artworks. In 1999 I arranged to visit Broome as part of travel itinerary that took me to various parts of Australia. When I arrived in Broome I was immediately struck by the clarity of light and pure colours of the Kimberley. It was so very different from the light pollution that I had become accustomed to in Sydney. On my return to Sydney Andrew and I worked on a plan to relocate to Broome!

In 2000 we came to live in Broome and fairly soon after arriving established "Jo McIntyre Images", marketing my original artworks as well as prints and greeting cards derived from them. During this time my output was prolific! I found great inspiration in the beauty of the mudflats, the migrating birds, the sun and the moon and the great tidal variations of the region. As an added bonus I discovered the the interplay between the variety of crab and shellfish species, the sand and the tides on Cable Beach. Out of the resulting "sand sculptures" created by the receding tides we were able to make a series of photographs which were exhibited in local galleries.

I also participated in several painting exhibitions organised by Broome and Perth galleries. Through the interest shown by Liz Janney of, then of Lizart Tours and before her hugely successful Uniquely Broome Annual publication, I hosted tours of art-lovers at my home studio.

In 2011 we needed to return to NSW and we We set up home in the Southern Highlands, about 130km south of Sydney.  Here we enjoyed the cool climate, the marked change of seasons and the beautiful countryside but as a few years went by we felt the natural beauty of Broome pulling at us. As a result we made the decision to return to the Kimberley......

.....and so in 2021

we travelled back to Broome, driving our heavily laden car, whilst our furniture was trucked across the Nullabor, and this time to make Broome our permanent home

Since returning we've been able to reconnect with old friends and some of the locals involved in the Broome art scene and to become involved once again in local events pertaining to art. We hope to be able to continue this involvement in whatever way we can as our contribution to the developement of art in the community.

About my art

My work is based on my observation of local human and animal interactions that invoke both the beauty of the region and its quirkiness. Images such as "On the Beach" come from witnessing the lengths some families will go to ensure they have every item they'll need for a day at the beach, whereas "Bushfire Moon" is my interpretation of the dominating full moon heavy in the smoke tinted night sky.

I enjoy losing myself in drawing and painting; looking and reflecting, researching, letting loose my imagination while physically creating something with my stamp on it. I particularly enjoy making quirky, humorous images using places and people around me. Broome is a constant source of inspiration and delight for me.