Jo Mcintyre

Creative Artist with an eye for the environment and a streak of humour.............


A very busy time in the newly extended State Library of NSW, with the introduction of extensive new digital technologies, additional corporate services and cutting-edge sponsorship-raising programs,

I move my Studio from Reiby Place at Circular Quay to my friend Ken Methold’s place in Glebe, have a holiday in New York and visit my cousin in Canada.

I have a hysterectomy, retire from the Library and separate from my husband Phil, moving house to Glebe in the inner city of Sydney. For 5 years I do a lot of research on my Scottish forbears. Then in 1999, I visit the Kimberley in North West Australia for the first time, falling in love with the beauty and idiosyncrasies of Broome.

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Tulips were my mother’s favourite. She loved this painting.
  • Tulips
    Tulips were my mother’s favourite. She loved this painting.
  • The Gynaecologist
    Until fairly recently gynaecology in Australia was the almost exclusive preserve of male specialists. It didn’t take long for me to think of the rag doll analogy for the patient from Venus. (Oil on paper 1994)
  • Workday Blues
    In the State Library we had big blue envelopes for circulating documents to staff. We’d initial these on the cover to show receipt and then send them on. Once I noticed that an almost completed cover of a circulating envelope had acquired the look of an agitated ancient script. (Oil on canvas board 1995)
  • Glebe Washing
    Walking through the back lanes of Glebe to my studio I enjoyed peering at my neighbours’ washing. For many years nothing but black was worn in inner Sydney. Later the CBD caught up. (Ink on paper 1996)
  • Technology Triumphant
    In the 1990s computer technologies were developing with unprecedented speed. (Oil on board 1997)
  • Man about the house
    I like the way this no-frills contour drawing suggests a lot about blokes. It was done without looking at the paper. (Charcoal on paper 1997)
  • Hotel Cat
    This is dear old toothless Matilda and this is her chair in a New York Hotel. (Ink on paper 1998)
  • Executive Breakfast
    In the 1990s executive breakfasts were as fashionable as nightclubs. (Collage on paper 1997)
  • Above and Below
    Ernest commuters wait for a Sydney ferry on the Neutral Bay jetty, oblivious to the presence of another world beneath them. To convey the beauty and mystery of this other world I’ve explored and used the direct, simple outlines often seen in Aboriginal drawings. (Oil on paper 1997)
  • Welcome Aboard!
    Recently retired from over 30 fulfilling years of working at the State Library of NSW I’m trying to find another place where I feel at home. This is certainly not it. (Charcoal on paper 1997)
  • Flamboyant Sunset
    In Broome I’d often go to Cable Beach to watch the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. I wanted to get right away from a photographic look to try to capture its luminous “other-world” quality. I’m indebted to Wassily Kandinsky for this attempt, one of a large series I worked on during the years in Broome. I never tired of researching and trying different ideas and approaches. (Watercolour on paper 1999)
  • Travelling Light
    While this is a slight exaggeration it’s astounding how much paraphernalia people take to Broome’s Cable Beach. (Pastel and charcoal on paper 1999)
  • Landscape with Termite Mounds
    There is something odd and a little unsettling about the human-scale termite mounds that pepper the flat, dry landscape between Broome and Derby in North West Australia. (Gouache on paper 1999)
  • Moving On
    A dreamworld on Cable Beach where the desert meets the sea. When Andrew and I moved house to Broome in 2000 a friendly neighbour had hair like this. (Pastel, pencil and charcoal on paper 1999)