Jo Mcintyre

Creative Artist with an eye for the environment and a streak of humour.............


Since retiring from the State Library I’ve made a few trips overseas, always taking a sketchbook and water-based pencils and paints with me. Here are pictures showing recent observations I made in France, Morocco and England.

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Pragmatic Solution in Ambres France
Pragmatic Solution in Ambres France
Have I no respect? (Watercolour on paper 2010)
  • Pragmatic Solution in Ambres France
    Have I no respect? (Watercolour on paper 2010)
  • Treasures in Mirepoix
    Trade sign and other gems in a back street of this medieval town (Ink on paper 2010)
  • The Smoking Pigeons
    Everything seems to smoke in France (Collage with coffee 2010)
  • The Smoking Dog
    What next? (Ink on paper 2010)
  • Graffiti with Pigeon Head
    From my sketchbook: an unusually low-key example of graffiti in Paris. (Pencil on paper 2009)
  • Life Story
    I was shocked by the amount of graffiti in the outer suburbs of Paris on buildings, vehicles, public places, just about everything. I found it very upsetting. Strangely, it prompted me to do this rather whimsical-looking collage (Collage 2010)
  • On the Straight and Narrow in Aix-en-Provence
    The grand approach to Paul Cezanne’s family house (Watercolour on paper 2010)
  • Recognition
    Sparks of familiarity fly in a famous anthropological museum in Paris (Ink and pencil on paper 2010)
  • Bag lady in Paris
    Self-portrait (Watercolour and ink on paper 2010)
  • Dog Fright in Paris
    Street art can take a heavy toll (Ink on paper 2010)
  • Plumbing Python
    Can anyone fathom French plumbing? (Ink on newspaper 2010)
  • Art Lovers in the Toulouse Lautrec Museum, Albi France
    Boue makes his presence felt (Pencil on paper 2010)
  • Lively Dinner in Oxford
    Andrew and I dine in our plush hotel restaurant in Oxford. (Ink on paper 2008)
  • Bunny Pie
    I love rabbit pie but only one or two pubs in England had it on the menu when we were there (Watercolour on paper 2008)
  • Richard's Sampler
    Family treasure (Watercolour on paper 2008)
  • Moroccan Landscape
    From my sketchbook, done from memory (Watercolour on palette paper 2008)
  • Exotic Moroccan landscape
    From my sketchbook. (Watercolour on palette paper 2008)
  • Secret Caves in Jordan
    Secret Caves in Jordan. From my sketchbook, done from memory (Acrylic and watercolour on palette paper 2008)