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jo mcintyre's Journey with Art

Jo painting in Venice 2010In Love With Art

I fell in love with art when I began working at the State Library. Eventually I found in Sydney a brilliant and demanding teacher, the late John Ogburn.

Ogburn’s approach to teaching was that learning to paint and draw was a vital and fulfilling process, intrinsic to students’ everyday lives. It was not about mastering technique and making sales. It was about getting to know ourselves, learning to see and sincerely expressing our personal response to the world around us. This struck a strong chord for me.

In 1980, aged 40, I became a student at the John Ogburn Studio. I stayed there until 1997, regularly exhibiting at the associated Harrington Street Gallery Artists’ Co-operative.

In 1999 I had a holiday in Broome, a pearling town on the Kimberley coastline in tropical NW Australia. I fell in love with its extraordinary natural beauty and its quirky inhabitants.

With my husband Andrew I moved house to Broome where we ran Jo McIntyre Images, marketing my original artworks as well as prints and cards derived from them.

I held several exhibitions in Broome galleries. I also enjoyed hosting tours of art-lovers to my home studio.

In 2008 everything changed. The Western Australian Government announced its intent to facilitate the construction of a massive LNG processing plant on the coastline 60k north of Broome.

I devoted 2009 to working on an art exhibition to help arouse awareness of the implications of this large-scale industrial development in a pristine wilderness area.

Sadly, by 2010 Andrew and I had lost the joy of living on the remote, threatened Kimberley coastline. Broome was already showing the ugly, makeshift, anti-social scars of a mining town. We were no longer at home.

We moved house to the NSW Southern Highlands. Here we enjoy the cool climate, the change of seasons and the beautiful countryside. Moreover, just about everyone here seems to be engaged in one creative pursuit or another, just as it once was in Broome…

Andrew continues to run his web design and development business and I’ve enjoyed preparing the content of this, my new website.

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