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creative Artist with an eye for the environment mixed with a sense of humour.............

The Galleries

At school I enjoyed drawing in friends’ autograph books and Illustrating greeting cards. Being in the A class I wasn’t eligible to do art. With hindsight I’m sure this was beneficial as art taught at school in those days usually succeeded in destroying any love of it for a lifetime. More.....

In 1980, shortly after returning to art classes at the John Ogburn Studio, I was overjoyed to find a studio space in an old building awaiting demolition at Sydney’s Circular Quay. I painted here for nine years More....

A very busy time in the newly extended State Library of NSW, with the introduction of extensive new digital technologies, additional corporate services and cutting-edge sponsorship-raising programs More....

During the 2000s Andrew and I lived in Broome in Northwest Australia. I was excited and refreshed by a stunningly different tropical environment. Added to the visual excitement was the constant threat of cyclones during the hot and sticky wet season More....

Feeling strongly about something gives me loads of energy to try and work out how to portray it. In the past few years many of my ideas and images have been in response to the alarming speed with which the mining and gas industries have expanded their research, exploration and development work. More....

After I retired from the NSW State Library in the mid 1990s I spent about 5 years researching my McIntyre Scottish forbears. I wondered about producing an illustrated account of their story and started on a series of sketches. Founders of the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia More...

In June 2011 Andrew and I moved from Broome to Wildes Meadow in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Our closest town is Robertson, famous for its potatoes. I’m happy working in a spacious studio with a beautiful view over dams, cattle, meadows, bush corridors, wild ducks and other creatures. More....

Since retiring from the State Library I’ve made a few trips overseas, always taking a sketchbook and water-based pencils and paints with me. Here are pictures showing recent observations I made in France, Morocco and England. More....

A Lifetime of Images by Jo McIntyre

After so many years engrossed in trying to see for myself and to express in pJo painting in Jeddahictures something meaningful, humorous or visually appealing about the world around me, I now find I have a unique and rich pictorial record of my life and times spanning many years. I've organised them into these galleries:

Many of my pictures emerge from “painting aloud”, moving things around and making changes, often finally coming to rest on a quirky imaginative plane. As a result I’ve enjoyed writing what are intended to be helpful and sometimes amusing introductions to the images.

These captions or introductions can easily be skipped if you prefer to come fresh to the pictures. But if you find something puzzling, the caption may work wonders.

About The Images in The Galleries

The Creator

All were made by me when I was based in Sydney or Broome or in my current location in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales Australia. Mostly created around about the time of the thing, event, sensation or experience depicted. A few were based on memory or a story I’d heard.

How Did I Create the Gallery Images?

I made the images using what are now called “traditional” art methods: using traditional grounds and art materials.

They were not produced on a computer using special software for painting directly on to a digital ground.

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What traditional grounds did I use?

I used a variety of grounds from paper to board to canvas. Paper is my favourite. With its different enticing smells and textures I find it the most hospitable. When an idea is emerging or the sight of something appeals to me, I want to jump right in, using what’s inviting and readily at hand: somehow that’s usually paper.

What Traditional Media Did I Use?

I like to work quickly on different versions of an image, starting with something that may be obvious or hackneyed, but at least it’s a start!

My most favoured materials are watercolours, gouaches, inks, aquarelle pencils, charcoal, pens and dry pastels. I Iike using oil paints for their buttery, sensual qualities but their toxicity have sent me to water-based paints.

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What Size Are My Original Artworks?

On the computer screen the images look much the same size. In reality the original artworks vary in size from very small to quite large.

How Did You Get Copies of the Artworks On to a Computer?

If they fitted on to my digital office scanner I scanned them. If they were too large for this I took their photographs with a digital camera and downloaded them into my computer.

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What Do I Want to Achieve By Showing My Artwork On a Website?

I’m proud of my work and think others will enjoy and find lots of things of interest in a contemporary Australian woman’s personal story told through drawings and paintings.

I’m interested in finding out if my website can be used as the basis for a future published autobiography told in paintings and drawings.

At the tender age of 72 I’m also thoroughly enjoying the novelty of showing on a small screen a very big retrospective exhibition which could not be cost-effectively housed in a bricks and mortar display area.

Moreover there are other wonderful advantages to a digital exhibition: the elimination of framing, gallery hire, hanging, lighting problems, refreshments and opening night angst.

I also want to show art-lovers, artists and printmakers what can be achieved at home or in a small studio by combining old methods of art creation with new digital reproduction, organization and display methods.

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Are any of the original artworks used for this website available for purchase?

The answer is no but let me explain.

Over the years some originals have been sold, or donated to community organizations, or given away as gifts. Some are damaged. Others Andrew and I want to keep. Others no longer exist as I’ve altered them or painted over them after making a digital copy.

For a number of reasons I’ve not been very concerned with real-world best-practice conservation materials. Moreover we now know that a digital copy of an image conserves it.

My focus is now no longer on creating original artworks but rather on best using digital technology to do something original and different. In the future, however, I might make some images commercially available as prints. If your interest is to obtain a print of any of the images please contact me.

Are the Website Gallery Images Copyright Protected from further reproduction and other uses?

Yes, in so far as commercial use goes. I need to give permission and may charge a fee.

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